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Ten Application Fields Of Vinyl Resin(08.1.2016)

DateJan. 08, 2016

Vinyl resin is a denatured epoxy resin obtained by the reaction of bisphenol or phenolic epoxy resin and methacrylic acid. It is generally called vinyl resin (VE), also known as epoxy acrylic resin, which is thermosetting. Resin. Vinyl resin inherits the excellent characteristics of epoxy resin, and has better curability and moldability. It can be dissolved in styrene and acrylic monomers. Because it has the advantages of epoxy and unsaturated, the application field of vinyl resin is Gradually expand.

Vinyl Resin Is Used For Maintenance Coatings

Vinyl resin has relatively stable chemical properties, and has excellent insulation and corrosion resistance. Vinyl Resin Supplier will share with you:

1.GRP pipes and storage tanks

All kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic products such as cans, pipes and containers with anti-corrosion requirements.

2. Flue gas desulfurization

All coal-fired thermal power plants have FRP chimneys for flue gas desulfurization, which are typical applications of vinyl resin.

3. Iron and Steel Industry

Vinyl resin is used for maintenance coatings. It is used in the pickling section area, waste acid tank and area of stainless steel cold rolling and hot rolling production line, FRP grid, cover plate, dilute acid tank, waste water tank, etc. Office.

4. Chemical industry

Used in lining of titanium dioxide plant, fertilizer plant, phosphate plant and other equipment, acid-resistant bricks and ground granite joints.

5.Petrochemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing industry

Vinyl resin is used for storage tank lining FRP, wastewater tank lining, pipeline coating anticorrosion, wall surface, steel structure anticorrosion, etc.

6. Overall Mortar Floor

One is the overall anti-corrosion floor that is resistant to acid, alkali and salt; the other is the anti-static, dust-proof, food-grade clean floor.

7. Chemical fiber and textile industry

Vinyl resin is used in equipment linings, wastewater ponds, pipeline coatings, etc.

8. Solvent resistance and flame retardant

Vinyl resin is suitable for the requirements of solvent resistance in most occasions, and is suitable for flame retardant requirements of buildings below B1.

9. Wind power blades

Vinyl resin can replace epoxy resin because of its good toughness and fatigue resistance.

10.Electrolytic cell (pool), electroplating

In the non-ferrous metal smelters, the most commonly used electrolytic copper, electrolytic nickel pools and tanks are often made of vinyl resin to make resin concrete integrated electrolytic tanks, or as the first choice for glass fiber reinforced plastic lined resin, and are used in workshop floor, FRP grille, cover Board and other places. Vinyl resin is often used in the plating tank lining and floor of the plating workshop.