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Additives in Coating,Inks,Adhesive

Product Name CAS NO. View details Inquiry
Polyacrylate defoamer More Inquiry
Solvent-based silicone defoamer More Inquiry
Fluoro-modified Acrylic Leveling agent More Inquiry
Acrylic Leveling agent More Inquiry
Softfeel、mar-resist and Leveling More Inquiry
Organosiloxane More Inquiry
Polyurethane foam additives More Inquiry
Soft feel、mar-resist and Leveling More Inquiry
Wetting and anti-cratering agent More Inquiry
Water borne leveling agent,Aqueous hyperdispersa… More Inquiry
Hyperdispersant More Inquiry
Multifunctional adhesion promoters More Inquiry
Pigment dispersing agent More Inquiry
General Adhesion promoters More Inquiry
Silane (coupling agent) More Inquiry